Is the high 5 test worth it’s weight in gold? Is it better than the CliftonStengths Test? Find out in this video.

Time to complete: 10 minutes

What I liked:

–Easy sliding scale continuum vs. set choices. I liked this because it allows you to get your answer just right.
–I liked my end result. The answers matched what I expected.
–Questions were straightforward. This benefits people new to these tests, while those familiar might be able to lead the test where they want it to go.

What I didn’t like:

–You have to login with an email to get your results
–Some of the grammar on the questions was wrong with missing words. You can understand it just fine, but these kinds of mistakes on a high level test worry me. Did a kid put this together?
–Can’t get a downloadable report, and there is no way to download or print what’s available. If you click on a box it collapses the other boxes, so you can’t display it all at once.

Insights gained:  1) I always first ask, do the results tie in with what I already know about myself? Yes, it does!
2) I love that I got the strength “Catalyst” as that fits with what I’m trying to give back to the world.

You can take the test here:

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