This is how to set goals for 2021 and achieve them. ⭐ Make life goals and then and get a jumpstart on your next 90 days with your free 90 day action plan:

There is no reason you can’t start now and refresh your goals right now! Whenever I’m in a rut, I always find it valuable to reset and ask myself what I’m working toward, who I want to become, and what I want to accomplish. An energizing place to start is by completing the following life goal refresh. Use the following goal strategies to get started:

⭐ What are ten things I would like to accomplish? (Examples: Write twenty-five books, sell a business for $10 million, compete in a hot-pepper eating challenge and win.)

⭐What are ten things I would like to see? (Examples: The Pyramids, my daughter’s wedding, the ocean from my screened-in porch.)

⭐What are ten things I would like to become? (Examples: An international speaker, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a screenwriter for Disney/Pixar.)

⭐What are ten new things I could try? (Examples: Travel to outer space, cliff dive in Bermuda, win a poker tournament and qualify for the World Series of Poker.)

⭐What are ten things I would like to share with the world? (Examples: I want my children to have a love for reading. I want to become a local legend beekeeper and educate the public on the importance of bees. I want to direct an indie film picked up by Netflix.)

Get to fifty life goals and your eyes open up to the possibilities within your life. It’s how to set goals for 2021 and achieve them. It’s how you actually make progress and live a life you’re proud of.

You’ll see that life has so much more potential than you ever thought possible. I’ve spared you my list of goals here, but sign up for the free course for this book to have access to the example if you need further help.


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