Learning how to take CliftonStrengths Assessment is a great way to find immediate improvement and direction.

The test helped me become a better author, writer, and content marketer. It also helped me become a better friend. It might help you too. 

Gallup CliftonStrengths provides insights on how to infuse my writing with what I’m good at, and it has since become one of my favorite communication superpowers to have in my back pocket.

I can’t reach everybody, nor should I try. I infuse my writing style with feeling and vulnerability, which some won’t like. This is okay. Knowing my strengths taught me the value of doubling down on what I’m good at and getting help with my weaknesses.

CliftonStrengths is a test you take online, which primarily shows you what you are good at. It doesn’t focus on your negative areas and weaknesses. Instead, it provides a framework of 34 signature themes (also called strengths) and ranks you by the themes in which you show the most promise. The test is not free, but it’s an impactful tool to determine what you are best suited for. 

Watch the video and click the links below to learn how to take CliftonStrengths assessment. Once you take it, go here to download your very own personal identity blueprint and plug in your results. https://jmring.lpages.co/get-to-know-yourself/

How to Take CliftonStrengths Assessment

The CliftonStrengths is way more than a personality test:

✅ High value, especially on a team. When everyone is speaking the same language it makes a huge difference
✅ Valuable even if you are a team of 2.
✅ And yes, it’s even good to know if you are a solopreneur. The test helps with insights into what you are already naturally doing and in a way, frees you to do more of those things!

Your signature themes can fall into four major domains: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking. Here is a summary of the four domains: 

  • Executing: People who rank high in executing themes get things done efficiently and effectively.
  • Influencing: People with high influencing themes are great at winning others over and sharing and spreading ideas. 
  • Relationship Building: High Relationship Building themes exist in those who emphasize people and nurturing relationships. 
  • Strategic Thinking: People who are strong in Strategic Thinking always have a plan and thrive on creating the best outcomes. 

View your top five strengths as the things you can’t not do. Your top five strengths are what you do naturally, and when you do them, you light up! Your strengths should match what you already know about yourself, but will also provide insights into the activities you need to keep doing. 

You’ll find knowing your strengths useful for getting to know yourself better. The insights it provides are sometimes surprising, yet disturbingly accurate. When you take the test, invest in the resources Gallup provides to further your strength development. 

My top five strengths:

  1. Futuristic
  2. Empathy
  3. Connectedness
  4. Relator
  5. Strategic

Living life by following your strengths not only informs your Destiny, it makes your day-to-day life more enjoyable and impactful. Futuristic matches my high intuition from the MBTI (the N in the INFJ). I’m constantly processing life in the abstract big picture. When I’m firing on all cylinders it means I’m dreaming big and making big life goals. When I’m not exercising my number one strength I’m too focused on present realities, and anxiety and depression gain a stronger foothold on my life. 

Combining my top five strengths shows that my futuristic dreaming and strategic planning MUST have a strong relational element. I sum it up in my personal mission statement:

I merge my knowledge of being a futuristic and strategic thinker with the Relationship Building themes to help people plan and reach their potential. 

The usefulness of the CliftonStrengths profile lies in its ability to help you determine your next steps. Use what you learn to decide what action steps to take on your goals, what books to read, and how you format your daily life. Use the knowledge gained to infuse power into your next steps. Don’t let the results sit idly by in a file on your computer. 

Focus on your strengths over weaknesses and you’ll experience freedom from the pressure of performing at less than your best.

🔥 All links: 🔥

✅ Link to take the test: https://store.gallup.com/c/en-us/for-individuals/assessments
✅ My Top 5 Results: http://jmring.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Jordans-Top-5.pdf
✅ Full 34 Results: http://jmring.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Jordans-Full-34-Themes.pdf
✅ Living Your Strengths book: https://amzn.to/3tbOJy8
✅ StrengthsFinder 2.0 book: https://amzn.to/3xJHrFh
✅ High five test: https://high5test.com/test/
✅ My video on high five: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuG8opLvCVE&t=
✅ Dashboard: https://my.gallup.com/
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