Trello is a free online project management app I use in both my professional and personal lives. It’s the perfect tool to simplify and organize your digital world and I recommend it for anyone that wants to move towards goal completion.

This post will show how to use Trello to accomplish 4 specific tasks with a screencast for each one. I recommend signing up for the free app and trying it. Once you dive in, you’ll see it’s only limits are your own creativity.

Trello follows a simple Kanban system of organization with its boards, lists, and cards. It’s easy to use and once you get to know the system, you will create boards for just about everything… (My wife and I keep making new boards, and we are probably addicted, but it’s all good).

With step-by-step video guides taken straight from my full course I will show you how to use Trello for:

  • Collaboration With a Partner: No more confusing texts, missed appointments, and miscommunications with your partner. With both of you signed up for Trello, your productivity will skyrocket, and your growth will blossom.
  • Product launch and/or general project management: The core feature of Trello is project management for teams. Launching a book or any other product is one excellent way to take advantage of its myriad of features, especially when you are working with other people. I will show you what its best features are, how I use them, and how you can easily incorporate Trello into your own business ventures.
  • A board for ideas: We all have ideas throughout the day, but we don’t always have time to act on those ideas right away, so it’s best to write them down somewhere. I’ll show you the exact board I use for managing all of my best ideas.
  • Use it to plan an online course: Trello is perfect for those that want to plan an online course. I created my Udemy course on Trello using Trello… It was meta! I will show you how I used the board to get that project done quickly and efficiently.

Let’s get started shall we?

How to Use Trello Example #1: Partner Boards and Basic Collaboration

This video will show you how my wife and I use Trello to plan and assign our major tasks, brainstorm ideas for the future, and store important links and other useful information.

We love how Trello helps us stay organized and get stuff done.

Example #2: Product Launch and/or General Project Management

Trello is a powerhouse for getting projects done. When you have projects you are doing repeatedly, it’s one of the best ways I know of to not to have to start from scratch every time.

For me, I use Trello for book launches for myself and for clients. I find that it’s invaluable to keep things organized, but the best part is that I can copy boards and create templates. This means I can continue to add to the launch template, and every time I get a new client I can then use the most recent strategies and ideas to find success, without having to recreate the wheel.

Here is how I use Trello for project management:

How to Use Trello Example #3: A Board for all of Your Best Ideas

There is no better place to store all of your ideas than a good old Trello board. Say goodbye to clunky old journals, spreadsheets, and online documents.

I show you my board of ideas and suggest ways to manage your own.

My number one tip? Go through your boards often and archive cards that are no longer needed. Sometimes what you think is a good idea at the time turns out 24 hours later to stink. We can’t strike gold with all of our ideas, so clear the ones that are no good to avoid too much clutter.

How to Use Trello Example #4: Use it to Plan an Online Course

I used Trello to plan my online course on How to use Trello. Cool right? If you are a course instructor on Udemy or want to start, Trello is your ticket to planning, organizing, and structuring all of your content.

I show you my process for brainstorming, organizing, and getting the course from A all the way to Z in only one month. This expedited time frame was only possible because of Trello.

Final Thoughts on Trello and Bonus for You

Trello is a great tool to get stuff done, and I love it.

As mentioned above, I loved it so much I created a course to show you how to go from Trello newbie all the way to Trello Master.

You can get that course for only $10 here:

Trello Mastery: Learn the Secret Art of Kanban Organization

The videos above are part of the course and are just a snippet of the content. If you found the above helpful, I am positive you will find the course useful to increasing your overall productivity and efficiency with Trello.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with Trello!


PS: You can even use Kanban in WordPress for your site. See a how-to here