It’s inevitable. At some point when reaching for a big dream we lose energy. Our bodies scream “I need energy!” and we may have one of more of the following thoughts:

  • I can’t write one more page in my book…
  • I just can’t eat one more piece of broccoli…
  • Get that study guide OUT OF MY FACE!


Enter “The Energy Code.”

The foolproof way to master the basics of energy creation and conservation that will have you blasting towards your goals.

I don’t know about you, but when I am working towards a bigger goal I always hit the so called “slump” on which my energy dips way down. I find myself in a rut and I don’t want to keep going.

The end goal seems too far away, and the progress I’ve already made doesn’t seem to be worth it the frustration.

This is us starting a goal:

This is us halfway through:

You might not look as awkward as I do trying to take a selfie in Starbucks while three grown men are looking at me, but oh well. On to the point here. Momentum can halt based on energy levels and we should prepare ourselves.

We must recognize the inevitable loss of energy and plan to strike back before it’s too late.

To give you the tools to crush it and reach your goals, here are 7 ways you can maintain high energy levels. I recommend mastering them before the slump takes hold. Better yet, position yourself to always be formulating positive habits.

We need to learn our personal “energy code” unique to each of us. Find a combination of the tips below to create plentiful energy.

Want endless energy? Ditch the Red Bull and dive in here.

I Need Energy Right NOW! Energy Code Level 1: Start with the Basics: Eat Healthy

i need energy so I grabbed some blueberries

As of this writing my wife and I are in the middle of the Whole30 eating program. In it, you eat only whole foods for 30 days. We are eating veggies, meat, fruits and nuts. Most foods are off limits.

It’s designed to give your system a break from foods that can wreak havoc in your system like dairy and gluten, and to give you a chance to figure out what foods might cause a problem (like dairy and gluten). Poor gluten man, it gets such a bad rap…

It’s simple in design, and very difficult in practice. Overall, it’s not as hard as I thought, and I love it.  I have a ton of energy and I feel great.

You need not do the Whole30 to get sustainable energy. Nope! But if it works for you, then great.

All you need to do is eat healthier and make better choices. Sugar might give you a quick boost of energy, but overtime your body will not respond well.

A Starbucks specialty coffee once in a while? Sure thing, go for it! If you are a writer, studying hard for an exam, or need a boost to finish a very important deliverable, then by all means grab a cup.

It’s important to strike a balance. There are parts of doing something like the Whole30 that can seem more exhausting than it’s worth! Shopping and cooking all of your own meals can tire even the most energetic person. And don’t even get me started on how much time I’ve spent cooking the last few weeks. Yikes, I don’t even want to think about it.

Strike a balance and enjoy food, but also consider what you are putting into your body.

I recommend the Whole30 for the knowledge gained during it. I now know more about food ingredients than I ever thought possible. You can grab the book right here (aff. link). Even if you don’t do the program, the book is great if you might not know where to start.

Start with the absolute basics and give your body the energy it needs for the long-haul.

I Still Need Energy: Energy Code Level 2: Get enough Sleep

“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” -William Blake

I have to write this one here. We all know this to be true, but how often is sleep the FIRST thing we give up when trying to create more time?

Answer? It’s always the first thing.

We won’t give up TV, family time, sporting events, the early morning hustle, or even reading. Pretty much everything comes before sleep when setting your priorities and managing your time.

I used to be this way until I discovered early on that I don’t function well with less than 8 hours of sleep. I can’t do it.

Yes, every once in a while I have to survive off 5-6 hours, but if I go several days of this I can feel the drain on my reserves and I turn into a Zombie.

I also recognize that parents of a newborn don’t have the luxury of getting enough sleep on the regular. This isn’t the only example of sleep deprivation but it’s the most common.

However, besides the above and for other outliers, most of us can prioritize sleep. You might think you can run off of less (and some people need less), but you need to get 7-8 hours every night.

Do your best to get enough sleep and fight to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Your energy levels will thank you for it, and you will have enough momentum to finish your goals.

My Energy is increasing: Energy Code Level 3: Stay Digitally Organized

Nothing kills energy more than not knowing what you are working on the next day, losing documents, or not remembering where you keep your “passwords” document.

I’m not talking about where you put your written passwords (does anybody honestly still do that!?). No. I’m talking about staying digitally organized in a busy online world.

How do you do it? Enter Trello, the world’s most ridiculously simple project management tool. And it does more than just help you manage projects, it will keep you organized and help keep everything in one easy to remember place.

Want to see Trello in action. Check out the video below of my management of a book launch using Trello:

Once you get used to saving your ideas, documents, must-do items, and your digital life in one easy to access and manage place, you will feel a burden lift. Knowing I have everything I need in one place makes life easier.

If you’re like me you hate when you:

  • Can’t find a standard document that your client is asking for.
  • Need to enter in data in multiple different places and have to keep 10 tabs open in order to have everything ready to copy-paste (job hunting for example).
  • Feel overwhelmed by too many documents and spreadsheets.
  • Feel like you are forgetting something really important…

Beyond Trello (or other project and idea management tools), focusing on getting your digital life in order and reducing online clutter will help you keep moving towards your goals.

To get started try these three simple action steps:

  1. Organize your Desktop on your computer. Break it down to the fewest number of base folders possible.
  2. Find a project management or to do list program that you love, and make it the funnel for everything you do.
  3. Make a habit out of cleaning the main idea funnel frequently which will give you space to breathe and add new ideas.

I am Feeling Alive Again: Energy Code Level 4: Trim the Fat and Cut Out Unnecessary Tasks

We all have taken on more than we can handle. Get a bird’s-eye view of everything you do with a brain dump or a mind map and make plans to cut as much out as possible.

Similar to decluttering your digital life by cleaning your main source of ideas and tasks, clean out your real life responsibilities if you can.

Wait! is this possible!?

It won’t happen overnight, but yes, you can limit your obligations by learning to say no to the events and tasks that don’t directly relate to your goals.

Don’t go overboard with this. Go to Thanksgiving at your Mom’s house, let loose and hang out with friends once in a while, and go play laser tag.

But know in your heart of hearts it’s okay to say “no” even if you feel you should do something. Make your choices based on your priorities and say no to new “stuff” more often than you say yes.

Once you can master the art of saying no you find that your obligations decrease.

Start by saying no to something today to get your feet wet:

  • Say no to dessert at dinner
  • Say no to the next person that asks for your time
  • Say no to your desire to keep working and grab a book

Remember the point is not to become a “no man” or a “never lady.” Not at all. Unless you create time you will never have the energy needed to finish your big and lofty destiny goals.

Phew, doesn’t that feel nice?

You got this.

I think I have Energy Now: Energy Code Level 5: Line up Goals with Core Values

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.” -Paulo Coelho

I looked at my screen with wonder. “How to make 10k per month for the rest of your life” was the email subject line. I clicked. I read. I was hooked. Now I had a new plan. I would sell physical products through Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon).

This was how I would make money online. This was how I was going to get my breakthrough!

I spent weeks researching, taking courses, reading articles, and otherwise planning my foray into this world. Then I hesitated. I didn’t act on what I learned. Maybe it would have been a great idea, but I realized before I started that this venture had nothing to do with my core values, didn’t relate to my other goals, and I would never even enjoy it.

So why was I going to do it? I didn’t have a good answer, so I changed plans.

I’ve since gotten better at stopping this derailed train before it starts, but I have a deep-rooted tendency to chase shiny objects. I love the new and exciting often only because it’s new and exciting.

It’s simple. If your core values intersect with your destiny goal, then voila! Your energy levels will soar higher than you ever expected possible. If what you are shooting for lines up with what you care about you are ahead of the curve.

Marry your current output and tasks with what you were born to do and finishing the task just got a billion times easier.

Again, this takes time to do and isn’t easy by any means. You first need to figure out what your core values are (here’s a nice list) and then run these against what you spend your time doing.

For example, If your core values are family time, creative growth, and spiritual connection then your goal needs to involve these things. If your goal is being able to spend time travelling and learning a new language then great! You meet this as long as you can bring your family along with you.

If during your goal completion you are away from family too much, not getting to spend time in creative mode, or your spiritual connection is waning from lack of attention, rethink your current goals or the way you are completing them.

Too many people spend far too much energy reaching for goals they don’t even want. Tailor your destiny goals to your most precious core values and watch your energy levels sky rocket. Your goal will come and pass in no time if you are aligned in this way.

You need to want it to reach it. Work hard to keep your eye on the ball.

Yep I feel Better! Energy Code Level 6: Change Course as Needed

I am a huge advocate of being real with yourself and your goals. Sometimes you just can’t work towards your goals anymore.

Be careful not to use this lack of energy as a cop out, but be real with yourself. If your goal to travel to eight countries in eight months is no longer workable or you fall behind due to life circumstances, change your goal.

Shoot for four countries instead of eight. Drive to Canada or Mexico and count that. Don’t let your goals constrict you. You own your goals, they don’t own you.

Goals should always be moldable and subject to change at any point. Again, don’t do this willy-nilly. Crush your goals by believing in yourself, but don’t get crushed.

Life happens man. It comes along in many forms. I don’t have to give you examples of how life can knock you down, I am sure you have plenty of your own.

Work hard, but plan to change plans often. When life happens shift your plans and strike forth from a point of strength.

Let’s do This! Energy Code Level 7: Do something New and Exciting

A change of pace or something new can ignite lost energy levels. If you are feeling blech towards working on your goals, stop and try something new. You could:

  • Rent a kayak and float down a lazy river
  • Play laser tag (can you tell I really want to go?)
  • Go to the movies alone. Trust me you will feel so awkward your nerve endings will be on fire with new energy.
  • Go to the zoo and feed a lion.
  • Pay for a coffee for the person behind you. This will light up your nerves and feed you more energy than you would expect!

We all know the rush we feel at going to a new place or trying something new. Sometimes this might just be all we need to take the next step towards a big goal.

Experiencing new things is your ticket to advancing one step closer to goal completion.

Final Thoughts on Energy

Mastering the energy code and leveling up your goal crushing abilities starts with these habits. You can’t become a master at the keeping momentum if you don’t first learn to harness energy in all forms.

Go forth with a renewed mind and attack your goals with abandon. Promise yourself that you won’t be too hard on yourself during the inevitable stump and surge ahead when your energy returns.

Good luck my friend and may you be filled with boundless energy to change the world,