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5 Ways to boost your ideation CliftonStrengths:

✅ Come up with (and write down!) ten new ideas every day. This is a popular strategy used to keep your mind open to new input

✅ Think like a child. Come up with a new idea by asking a child what they would do.

✅ Practice asking why and how. Why do we need to take taxis? (Uber). How can we quickly search the ocean that is the internet? (Google). Can we do better than Hotels? (Airbnb).

✅ Always keep a journal handy! You never know when your best ideas will strike. If you don’t like a physical journal, keep notes in a dedicated app or location on your phone.

✅ Prime your brain for new ideas by reading a new book, walking and listening to a podcast, or brainstorming via dictation on the drive to work.


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