Hello there INFJ! Hope you are doing well and having a great day. Ha! Who am I kidding, you’re an INFJ, you are the rarest and best type out there. Your INFJ careers list awaits, with a few extras thrown in. Since everyone nowadays has a side hustle (and if you don’t you definitely should), I’ve developed a list of side hustle ideas that fit your personality type perfectly. And then, to round it all out and keep a solid work life balance going, I’ve thrown in a few hobbies as well. 

I will let you in on a little secret. I’m an INFJ. 😀

I think we are hands down the coolest, most often misunderstood (even by ourselves!) and weirdest type out there. We can look for infj careers that perfectly match our type, but since we get bored so easily we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities and challenges.

What follows is insight into what makes you unique, and what infj careers, side hustles, and hobbies are a perfect fit for you. 

INFJ Intro

Me pondering INFJ careers

Each personality type has a set of dominant and auxiliary functions which best describe them. We won’t dig in too much here, but it’s helpful to see the top two functions to begin thinking about how and where you should spend the bulk of your time.  

Similar to the INTJ, The dominant function of an an INFJ is their Introverted Intuition. This is the ability to grasp data and get a sense of any pattern or plan, but on a deeper level. INFJs process Information that can be hard to process for other types, seemingly out of nowhere or in their sleep using their Introverted Intuition. 

The secondary or auxiliary function of an INFJ is their Extraverted Feeling. This means it’s not as strong as the primary, but still holds weight when determining how the personality plays out in the real world. For the INFJ It’s all about connecting and relating to people in the real world. Decisions are based on how they will affect people (individually and as a group), not solely based on quantifiable facts. 

In general INFJs:

  • Are goal oriented and action taking dreamers
  • Look at the big picture vs. the small details. Details can be figured out along the way
  • Aim to help others at the core level of the problem and not just at the surface
  • Highly moralistic
  • Tend to get lost in thought and thus can be non observant
  • Speak in human terms vs. logic and facts (see: ANY of my books)
  • Are easily stressed, need to focus on taking care of themselves or they will burn out quickly
  • Have an idealistic view of the world, but this gives them the strength to tackle big goals
  • Tend to burn out quickly
  • Are protective of their core values and can be highly sensitive if these are called into question

Let’s start with a list of the best careers for INFJs.

Aren’t sure of your type? Go here to take the free test and figure it out. Quickly browse the infj careers list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age. 

INFJ Careers

INFJ Careers: Author

To most INFJs the word “career” sounds worse than a box of nails thrust into a chalkboard. INFJs don’t want to get locked into a job that has a ceiling or a corporate feel. The best jobs and INFJ careers are ones in which we mix our deep view of the world to help people. 

1) Author

You knew this one was coming. Of all the different hats I wear day to day, I know that my ultimate calling is to write. It fits perfect with my idealistic introvertedness (I get to while the days away tap tapping on a keyboard) and it let’s me feel as if I am changing the world. 

2) Doula

INFJ’s are introverts at heart, but they deeply enjoy one on one relationships with a select few people. Doulas are an interesting career choice for INFJ’s as you’ll get to coach someone through a stressful process. Good work is dictated by the level of connection with your client. 

3) Nurse Anesthetist

Without the pressure of being the lead in charge of a complicated medical procedure, nurse anesthetists will be able to enjoy a closer relationship with the patient. You’ll be able to be there for someone at a potentially frightening time. INFJ’s tend to excel at healthcare related fields, and will enjoy this one as it’s beyond the norm, but not so heavily burdened as to avoid the patient relationship.

4) Wedding Photographer

In the background and nearly invisible. Getting to experience the most important day of someone’s life. Get paid to spend an ample amount of time in front of a computer editing photos and video (alone). The wedding photographer sounds like the perfect job for the INFJ that loves taking pictures, and enjoys being around people filled with positive energy. 

5) School Counselor

As an INFJ school counselor you get to help kids where they need it most, at school, surrounded by jocks, bullies, and their darkest inner thoughts. You’ll get to be there for children at what can be a scary place without a lot of support. You’ll drive your own daily agenda, and a successful INFJ counselor will see the bigger picture and develop ways to make a difference in the lives of their charges. 

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Beyond INFJ Careers: INFJ Side Hustles

I’m a big fan of diversifying your income and dedicating some of your free (outside-of-main-work) time to working on something on the side. As an INFJ you have the self direction and the ingenuity required to add these side hustles into your daily life. Be careful though, as you discover side hustles you enjoy they might take over and become full time work. Be cognizant of your responsibilities and learn to say no in order to take care of you. 

Let’s get started with some of these ideas below: 

1) Adjunct Professor

You might find that a nice side hustle that pays right away is becoming an adjunct professor. You don’t have to have a desire to teach long term, but teaching a class here and there on a subject that interests you is a great way to get paid for doing something you enjoy. Better yet, it’s not something you’ll need to commit to long term.

As of this writing, I am teaching a class at my church on discovering identity. As an INFJ I am loving it so far. I get to prepare a purposeful curriculum alongside my co-teacher for one class. This might lead to doing more in the future, but for the moment I enjoy being able to lead a group of students to advance down one area that I believe will help them to understand themselves better.   

2) House Sitting

Being paid to be in a new place, alone? “Heck yeah!” Says the INFJ. House sitting lets you take a step away from the normal at home and into a new place, all while raking in the dough. Enough said. 

You can learn more about becoming a house sitter here. Note: Not all house sitting opportunities will involve watching animals (a turn off for me, but not necessarily all INFJs). If the house owner happens to be an avid gardener with a greenhouse or is paranoid about their stuff you have an in. 

3) Blogging

If you already have a career as an author or writer, you might find you enjoy blogging on the side. If what you write has an impact and helps people it’s relatively easy to make money from it with ads or affiliate products. It also can be a great way to keep up the writing habit and to ultimately sell more of your books. 

4) Focus Groups

If your an INFJ that loves to give in depth feedback (but only when asked!) then focus groups are perfect for you. You’ll get paid for the chance to give your obviously well thought out opinion on a variety of subjects. 

5) Mobile Apps

This one takes a bit of design mojo, but if you have those skills, designing mobile apps might be a good side hustle for you. There is an app for everything nowadays, and if other people can develop apps you probably can to. You are limited only by your imagination. Go design the next social media revolution or a competitive online golf game. 

Go here to download the side hustle success formula and other personality bonuses. 

INFJ Hobbies

I find it hard to dedicate any time to hobbies. I’m so involved with my “career” and various active side hustles that I don’t often stop to have any fun. I’m working to change that over the coming year. Let’s shift the focus from money making INFJ careers to hobbies. 

Here are some ideas for you and me:

1) Getting Coffee with a New Friend

INFJ careers and hobbies

INFJ’s usually enjoy fruitful conversations that move beyond pleasantries. It might take a few attempts to find the right person, but once you hit it off with someone you’ll find out just how much you need other people in your life. 

Bonus: If you happen to get good at spotting other’s personality types, ENFPs make a great match for INFJs due to their caring and outgoing nature. They will lead the conversation if you get awkward and you can turn their possibilities into action. 

2) Archery

You can learn to hone a craft different from anything else you might encounter or do. Naturally, once you start you’ll become obsessed to the point of making everything about shooting off that next arrow, but take it slow and set up challenges for yourself to measure progress. 

3) Gratitude Cards

I love sending cards out in the mail. It’s a quiet activity that can be done in the wee morning hours or just before bed. Nobody sends out cards in the mail anymore, but think about the feeling of getting a card on a day that isn’t your birthday. It doesn’t happen. Be different and foster important connections through gratitude. 

Further: See this audiobook on gratitude that I narrated for author Scott Colby: The Grateful Entrepreneur: 40 Gratitude Strategies to Build Relationships, Grow Your Business and Make More Money

4) Hiking

What better way to get away from it all that to hike? It doesn’t take a whole lot of time or gear to go out on a short day hike. Do yourself a favor and leave the noise behind and breathe the free air away from technology and blue light. 

5) Oil Painting

I oil painted for three weeks in college during a short term course. I was so bad I think the professor felt bad for me. I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body, and it clearly showed in my paintings. I’ll add a short collage below to show my improvement from day 1 to 21. 

What I lacked in skill I made up for with my coachability (a trait I think all INFJ’s can tap into). I listened and learned and took in everything I could to get better, and eventually I succeeded in passing the class. Phew!

It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters how you finish. And of course, whether or not you enjoy painting. For me, I loved it, but did vow that I would never go back to spare the world from my work. Maybe you will have more luck.

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite INFJ careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!