Welcome INTP! Glad you stumbled onto this post. Since only 3% of the US population is an INTP, I thank you for gracing this blog with your magnificent presence. Within you’ll find ideas for INTP careers, money making side hustles, and hobbies made for you.  

INTP Careers Intro

INTPs are often the most thoughtful and dreamy types, and usually have a proclivity for scientific discovery. You are smart, logical, innovative, insightful, and have a pension for spotting answers to complex puzzles. INTPs are great at pointing out what needs to get done to move forward and thus are integral members of any team. 

Each personality type has a set of dominant and auxiliary functions which best describe them. We won’t dig in too much here, but it’s helpful to see the top two functions to begin thinking about how and where you should spend the bulk of your time.  

The dominant function of an INTP is their Introverted Thinking. They make decisions using logic and reason above all else. They seek consistency and logic within their internal world of theories and concepts and use that to solve problems. 

The secondary or auxiliary function of an INTP is their Extraverted Intuition. INTPs gather information from the outside world. They process information by what it means and must come to a conclusion they firmly believe in before making a decision. 

In general INTPs:

  • Are most likely of all types to study a foreign language
  • Have the highest rates of career dissatisfaction (you came to the right place!)
  • Are often lost in thought
  • Love patterns, puzzles, or any complex problem that needs to be solved
  • Tend to not be the best with emotional support
  • Fear failure
  • Are open minded to new ideas
  • Are honest by nature
  • Can be insensitive, forgetful, or even come across as condescending
  • Are fiercely independent
  • Prefer close and deep relationships as opposed to numerous and surfacy
  • Great at thinking outside the box

Let’s start with a list of the best careers for INTPs and then we will jump into money making side hustles and hobbies that fit.

Aren’t sure of your type? Go here to take the free test and figure it out. Quickly browse the career list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age. 

INTP Careers

1) Accountant

As amazing analysts and focused individuals, accounting is a natural fit. It’s not the most glamorous of professions but that’s fine with you. If it fits within your skill set and it’s something you enjoy, your good to go. 

2) Astronomer

INTP careers

Ever thought about being an astronomer? INTPs are especially adept for this particular INTP career since they love theories, possibilities, and answering complex questions. Astronomers answer some of the biggest questions in the universe, you dig it?

3) Professor of Physics

INTPs make interesting professors, but physics professors are by their nature one of a kind. If you enjoy teaching and especially like dealing with abstract theories (bet you do) teaching physics to high level thinkers is a logical next step. 

4) Research Psychologist

This career is particularly suited for the INTP that enjoys people. You won’t have to deal directly with patients unless you choose to, but you will need a deeper sense of purpose (N) to find meaning and value in the work you do. 

5) Cyber Security Research Scientist

We saved the best for last! I am an INFJ, but this careers sounds like fun to me too. Well, it would be, but I don’t have the heart for work that would be largely behind the scenes but no doubt impactful and helpful to companies. As an INTP you’ll rock this one and keep companies safe from cyber attack. 

As an added bonus, it will help you avoid those all too common awkward social situations. Everyone and their mother will want to hear about your new job. Even if they don’t understand it (they won’t), you’ll have an easier time talking about that than the latest in sports. 

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INTP Side Hustles

Moving beyond INTP careers, lets jump into side hustles. Having work that you do on the side is quickly becoming the norm, especially in the millennial generation and beyond. We are recognizing the value of diversifying our income and not becoming dependent upon one job or one company to provide for us. We know intrinsically that “safe” jobs are nothing but, and we are choosing to spend our free time building business on the side, discovering our passion and purpose, and ultimately getting the most out of this life.

Being highly intellectual and open to new and exciting possibilities, INTP’s might find themselves chasing after too many shiny objects. Read this list carefully and limit yourself lest you want to try them all tonight. Keep your day job, but focus on how you might best be able to utilize your strengths to scale your side hustle to full time gig. If anyone can do it you can. 

1) Audio Engineer

Audio engineers spend time at their computer completing complex audio projects. This could include editing voice overs, mastering audiobooks, or mixing tracks for artists. 

I’ve done my own fair share of audiobook editing, and the time flies by when I’m locked into it. It’s not my favorite side hustle, but with your open mind and strength with completing challenging tasks it might be perfect. 

You can bid for audio engineering jobs on upwork as a freelancer, record and edit audiobooks for people through ACX, or offer to mix tracks for your local blues band.   

2) DJ

Do you enjoy music? How about having all the power to choose which tracks people will listen to as they dance the night away? DJing is a gig you can pick up whenever the mood strikes. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

3) Snow Removal (or yard work of any kind)

As an INTP you are a hard worker, but you are also a smart worker. You could turn snow removal into a nice little side hustle by building a team of shoveling minions who do the hard work as you reap the rewards. 

4) Teaching a Language Online

INTP careers and side hustles

I’ve heard of quite a few people who have tried this side hustle and quickly fizzled out. You need to have the ability to conceptualize and teach a language to a group of people you can’t understand. But, if you enjoy language and solving complex problems (you probably do), this might be a great way to break into the world of making money online.

5) Teaching Music

I played trumpet in middle school into high school. I loved it, but musical theory always eluded me. It’s not the way I think. However, as an INTP teaching music either classroom style, through the written word, or via online course is a potentially lucrative side hustle for you. 

Go here to see how you can make money teaching music. 

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INTP Hobbies

INTP careers and hobbies

Hobbies come naturally to INTPs. As a purveyor of possibilities you love trying new things, provided it fits within your expectations. If you are looking to try something new give these INTP hobbies a try:

1) Chess

As a strong strategic thinker, chess will come easier to you than most. It’s an old game, but if you’ve never played give it a try. Anyone can play, some will stick with it, and few will become experts. You know which one you’ll be. 

2) Meditation

INTPs need time to think to themselves in order to solve the most difficult problems. One of the big problems with our busy lives is that we don’t often get a chance to stop and think. This can negatively impact INTPs specifically. Give it a try and see if your ability to analyze with a vengeance comes back in all its glory. 

3) Metal Detecting

Walking, but with a purpose and a chance to strike it big. Sound good?

4) Survivalist Prepping

Many INTPs enjoy backpacking, hiking, or spending time alone outdoors in order to reconnect. Why not attach a deeper purpose to it and teach yourself survival skills while you are at it? If you enjoy taking things to the extreme, set a goal of one day being able to survive for three days in the woods by yourself. 

5) Wikipedia Data Entry

This ia a great way to give back and share your knowledge with the world. If you enjoy making sure data and facts are correct, check out this post on how to become an effective Wikipedia editor

Enjoy and go get it INTP. You got this. 

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite INTP careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!