Greetings ISFJ, Welcome. As an ISFJ you came to the right place to discover what you should be doing with your time. The best ISFJ careers, side hustles, and hobbies await

For those who know me, I am an INFJ. My wife happens to be an ISFJ. It’s a match made in heaven (most of the time). Our biggest differences make it clear we have been typed correctly:

  • While she prefers the here and now and enjoys the moment, I tend to dream about the future. 
  • While she focuses on the important details of a plan, I prefer to think big picture. 
  • While I plod along lost in thought, she has stopped to examine a pretty flower…

Looking at the differences of personality types is the single most effective way to ensure that you are typing correctly. If ISFJ sounds right to you but you aren’t sure, find someone close to you and look at the differences. Read on for more about ISFJ careers and how your personality affects your job. 

(Isn’t she amazing? This is Miranda, experiencing the moment on our recent trip to Switzerland).

the classic ISFJ

ISFJ Intro

Each personality type has a set of dominant and auxiliary functions which best describe them. We won’t dig in too much here, but it’s helpful to see the top two functions to begin thinking about how and where you should spend the bulk of your time.  

The dominant function of an ISFJ is their Introverted Sensing. This means the ISFJ prefers details and facts over abstract theories. Because they are grounded in reality, their ability to focus on the here and now and the present is unmatched by intuitive types. 

The secondary or auxiliary function of an ISFJ is their Extraverted Feeling. This means it’s not as strong as the primary, but still holds weight when determining how the personality plays out in the real world. For the ISFJ it means connecting with people right now and meeting their needs. As expert level supporters ISFJs put others first, sometimes to their own detriment. 

In general ISFJs:

  • Are compassionate and loving supporters
  • Don’t want the limelight and instead want to see others succeed
  • Live in the here and now
  • Are good at remembering details about people
  • Unmatched at gift giving
  • Make decisions based on facts 
  • The most social of the “I” types
  • Enjoy connecting with others on a deeper level
  • Incredibly observant
  • Hard working to a fault
  • Can take things too personally
  • Tend to say yes to too much
  • Often idealistic

Let’s start with a list of the best careers for ISFJs and then we will jump into money making side hustles and hobbies that fit.

Aren’t sure of your type? Go here to take the free test and figure it out. Quickly browse the ISFJ careers list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age. 

ISFJ Careers

1) Private Island Caretaker

Managing your own island? Sounds too good to be true. Well, it’s not. To be fair, there’s no way it’s as cushy a job as that post makes it out to be, but for an ISFJ it would be ideal nonetheless as you aren’t afraid of a little hard work. You would be able to enjoy your time on beaches and having fun in the water, but it would be much more than that. You’d get to be around vacation goers enjoying themselves and having a great time away. You’ll quickly be sucked in by the good vibes and will never want to leave. Just send me an inv. k?

2) Air Traffic Controller

ISFJ careers air traffic controller

Your job as an air traffic controller involves keeping the airways clear and safe for all flights. Your sense of duty and commitment to safety is the perfect fit. It might be overwhelming at first, but once you establish a process and routine it will become second nature. 

3) Animator

Design oriented ISFJs will enjoy the career path of animator. With astute attention to detail and the desire to bring stories to life, ISFJs will do well in this field. You’ll relate with coworkers and will be a vital member of the team, leading to more responsibility over time. Learn when to say no and when to take on new and enriching opportunities. 

4) Biochemist

As an ISFJ biochemist you’ll spend time working towards developing new medicines. Because your job is directly linked to the wellbeing of others, your job performance will match. As you race to find a cure for cancer the days will fly by. Watch out though, while the potential for a major breakthrough will keep you going, careers with only a possibility of success might lead to rapid burnout. Pace yourself and recognize that it probably won’t happen overnight. 

5) Marriage and Family Therapist

As the most social of the “I” types you’ll find success in any field that has direct involvement with a limited number of people. You’ll be able to take a deep dive and help solve relationship problems with your attention to detail and heart for people. 

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ISFJ Side Hustles

Because ISFJs tend to be more traditional and singularly focused, it can be hard to start a side hustle or two from scratch. Once you get going, watch out world! But know that it might be tough to take on new things as you prefer to maximize progress in just a few areas at a time. Move beyond your ISFJ careers and day job and get some side hustles to add to your portfolio. 

Here are some side hustles particularly suited for your type:

1) House Cleaning

Cleaning house may not sound all that glamorous, but getting paid for it does. With your natural attention to detail, you’ll do such a good job it will turn into a nice little side hustle for you. Now, it’s not easily scalable (unless you intend to build a team around you), but as a once in a while break from the norm, why not?

2) Merch by Amazon

Have you heard of Merch by Amazon? You can design shirts in your spare time and sell them print on demand. You take care of the design, the upload, and the all of the meta data entry, and Amazon will list your shirt for sale on their website. If you like design you can turn this into a nice little side hustle, as it’s easily scalable. We know people that do quite well and make thousands per month, but it is a very competitive marketplace. You’ll need to have great designs and a knack for doing repetitive tasks to do well here. 

3) Personal Trainer (boot camp)

isfj careers boot camp trainer

My wife and I do a boot camp called Camp Gladiator and we love it. The workouts are fun, but it’s the trainer that can make or break the experience. An ISFJ trainer would be perfect. You do have to lead the group, but it’s only for an hour. Since you are naturally social and caring, you’ll get to interact one on one with folks beyond the class, and will feel you are making a lasting impact on many lives. 

4) AirBnb Host

Detail, organization, hospitality, and a hard working attitude are the hallmarks of a good host. As a side hustle, you’ll love getting the house ready, building out the best listing AirBnb has ever seen, and welcoming new friends into your home.  

5) Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace that folks have success selling their own wares. You can get as creative as you want, and through your research and observant nature you’ll be able to find what works and what people want most. You might not become a millionaire, but it’s an excellent creative outlet that also has the potential to give you cash. 

Go here to download the side hustle success formula and other personality bonuses. 

ISFJ Hobbies

ISFJs are much better than INFJs at living in the moment, and therefore, hobbies make much more sense to your type. As an INFJ, I spent most of time thinking about the future. It takes a lot to get me out of my own head and into the real world. But not you! Hobbies make sense to the ISFJ that enjoys life and wants to be enriched with experiences. 

The following hobbies are ones to try if you aren’t already doing them all:

1) Camping

I’ve found ISFJs to be impervious to the overloading of senses. Instead, they love being able to experience the here and now with every new smell, touch, or rainstorm out in the middle of nowhere. Not everyone loves camping, but your type was made for it. 

2) Crocheting

Creating something with your hands makes for a happy ISFJ. Not for the impatient, crocheting is a lost art, but one that will lead toward great satisfaction. Couple it with making gifts for folks and you have yourself a fantastic new hobby. 

3) Origami

Another hands on hobby, origami art can be a fun hobby for the ISFJ. If done often, it can increase hand eye coordination, and will give your already strong attention to detail a run for its money. Part of developing into a mature personality type means building on your strengths, and origami is a fun way to accomplish that goal. 

4) Puzzler

isfj hobbies puzzling

My wife and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to most things, but she loves puzzles, and I hate them. The N part of my INFJ type wonders why anyone would spend time doing puzzles, what’s it all for? The S part of her type is probably the reason she loves puzzles. It makes her feel good in the moment, and it doesn’t matter that puzzles have no point. 

Do you love puzzles? Tell me why in the comments, I’d love to know why people do these things. 

5) Upcycling

Upcycling is a fantastic way to reuse old resources and make something new. For example, you could turn an old ladder into a bookshelf, old books into shelves, or a bike wheel into a clock. You can make functional items, or purely artistic creations. Your sense of organization and the desire to live more minimally will help here as you start to see the multipurpose nature of things. 

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite ISFJ careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!