The best ISFP careers, money making side-hustles, and interesting hobbies are below. Most websites and blogs on this subject have a list of careers that fit several types. 

Not here! 

This list is curated and highly specialized for the ISFP. 

No one has time for a list of 20 careers you don’t really want to do (or wouldn’t even be good at).

In this post, I’ll give you a taste of what life could be with one of the following ISFP careers, side hustles, and hobbies. 

ISFP Intro 

ISFP Intro

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the ISFP type. 

Already an expert and 100% convinced you’re an ISFP? Skip down to the full list of ISFP careers, side hustles and hobbies below. 

ISFP stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. 

The dominant function of an ISFP is their Introverted Feeling (Fi). ISFPs primarily focus on their private internal world and the values within. 

The secondary or auxiliary function of an ISFP is their Extraverted Sensing (Se). ISFPs take in information about the world around them through their senses. They prefer the real and the solid as opposed to theory or potential. 

For a more in depth look at the ISFP cognitive stack and how they work, check out this page. This subject can get heady pretty quickly, but it’s important to understand the basics and how it works.

In terms of career paths and work, the ISFP does best when they can use their hands in a real and tangible way. They are okay with short talks and meetings on the how as long as it’s followed with immediate action. ISFPs are adventures who want to explore and experience. 

In general ISFPs:

  • Make up 9% of the population.
  • Take time for introspection and feel their feels. 
  • Are risk takers along with the ISTP type
  • Are definitely introverts but enjoy connecting with others. 
  • Can be hard to get to know as they prefer to be by themselves.
  • Have high levels of enthusiasm for whatever they find themselves working on.
  • Are deeply loyal to the people and causes they care about most. 
  • Love adventure and new experiences. 
  • Can have trouble being assertive when in a bigger group and more easily go with the flow, even if that means being walked on. 
  • Are artistic arrangers of the world around them.
  • Are one of the most charming types. 
  • Tend to be exquisitely curious about anything, anyone, and everything.
  • Can be easily overwhelmed by the stress of life. 
  • Are not overly ambitious and instead choose to enjoy life as it is with all it’s sights, sounds and wonders. 

Go here to take a free test to determine a starting point to figuring out your type (but read other type descriptions too if you aren’t confident in your score). Remember, you are not a test result, this is just one way of getting to know yourself a little bit more. Quickly browse the career list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age.

ISFP Careers

ISFP careers

ISFPs would do well in a career that motivates them and uses their artistic and creative sides. ISFPs flourish in an environment filled with love, positivity, and fun. Most jobs, of course, are not generally described in this way, so it’s important to take a step back and ponder your best fit. 

Let’s dive into this list of the top five ISFP careers: 

1) Fortune Cookie Writer

Okay, this is a real job. I know, I looked it up. 

Imagine telling your friends you write fortune cookies for a living. Besides the awkward stares and routine fist bumps, you’ll have a job you can be proud of. 

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to write out one word statements which may yet live in infamy, but as an ISFP you got this on lockdown. Use the power of the feels to deliver some of the most spellbinding and awe inspiring fortunes yet. 

2) Marine Biologist

This is one of those jobs that every kid seems to want growing up. Channel your inner child and go get it. If you love petting sea lions and giving baths to penguins, suit up partner. 

Marine biologists make a decent amount of money and each day will be slightly different than the previous. Sounds like a match made in heaven for the adventurous ISFP. 

Here’s how to become a marine biologist

3) Work at a Startup

Startup work can be grueling and full of long nights and hustle-til-you-drop work sprints. But if you love the company and the product, what an adventure you might have. This lifestyle isn’t doable for the long term, but a short stretch could be exciting and memorable. 

The best advice I will share on how to work for a startup is to just ask. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and to look around, but the best way to get started with something is to get started. 

Serendipity is not only real but we can also create it. Opportunities are out there but we have to do some of the leg work. Ask around, see what other people who work for startups did, google “how to work for a startup.” Make a list of your opportunities and using the power of the ISFP, surge forward on this new adventure. 

4) Freelance

Freelancing is seen by many as ONLY a side hustle or maybe even a hobby. False. Freelancing is a viable career option, especially in the day and age of the Gig Economy.

Freelancing copywriting supplements my income, but you don’t have to right vivid and newsworthy prose in order to make bank. You could freelance as a web designer, marketer, editor, etc. 

The key is to be good at what you do and find clients that want to pay you for doing it. Sound simple? It is. While it takes time to grow as an expert in order to command higher rates, as long as you deliver on your promises and are pleasant to work with, you got this. 

5) White Water Rafting Instructor

As a whitewater rafting instructor each day will be an adventure. Better yet, as a seasonal job (depending on location) you’ll have time for other exciting adventures to go alongside. 

If you have the skills and a desire to be riddled with adrenaline day in and day out, this is the job for you.

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ISFP Side Hustles

Let’s move beyond ISFP careers, and check out these money making side-hustles real quick. It’s important for all types to have a few side hustle options in their back pocket.  


Even if you have a great job it’s not guaranteed it will be there forever. It’s also not guaranteed you will continue to enjoy your day job for the long-haul. 

Remember, you love adventure and new experiences. And since there is no such thing as playing it safe in the corporate world, make sure your skills are broad and not refined to one particular area.   

Don’t spread yourself too thin, but take up something on the side to gain stability. We should always be building our assets so that we aren’t dependent upon any one thing. 

Here are five ideas for ISFP side hustles:

1) Amazon KDP Fiction

Anyone can publish a book on Amazon. Not everyone can sell copies. Writing fiction is a vastly different ball game than writing non-fiction. Doing well in the non-fiction realm usually involves having other resources or online courses on the back end that help a specific audience. 

Making money with fiction is harder because you are largely dependent on book sales to measure success, but it can be both fun and rewarding to create vivid and engaging worlds. 

2) Medical Studies

Signing up to be poked and prodded might not be on anyone’s bucket list, but you can get paid on the side for a little bit of inconvenience. The cool thing is you get to be part of positive change and new ways of providing good health to others. 

Try it out by finding paid clinical studies near you. 

3) Bookkeeper

While not the most exciting of the various side hustles, bookkeeping is a task that can be done from home. If you are an expert accountant or like numbers this could be a great side hustle. 

4) Walking Tour Guide

ISFP side hustles

If you absolutely adore the city you live in, have you considered signing up to give walking tours? You could sign up on a website like Airbnb to do tours as part of their “experience” offerings, or just start doing them with friends and get the word out. 

To do this well, become an expert on your place of residence and get good at making people feel right at home on the tour. 

5) Products on Zazzle

Make money designing products to sell on Zazzle. A great side hustle for those good at design and also prefer to stay at home working in the comfort provided by a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. 

Check out the video below for an intro to Zazzle. Kelli is a friend and respected content creator in the self publishing community. If you like the video be sure to subscribe!

Go here to download the side hustle success formula and other personality bonuses to embrace your ISFP careers. 

ISFP Hobbies

The best ISFP hobbies involve doing what you love. These hobbies might be the perfect way for you to unwind and truly enjoy life after all that work stuff is said and done. An an ISFP, hobbies come naturally to you as you aim to discover and experience true joy in life. 

Stop spending your evenings watching the news and give these ISFP hobbies a try:

1) Dance Parties

Throw a dance party with yourself or with a few friends from time to time. Make it a hobby by scheduling weekly dance party sessions. Do it for the calories you’ll burn but also as a way to have a little fun. 

2) Quilting

Quilting is a relaxing hobby that can be quite involved. But just imagine how much your grandmother would appreciate YOU doing the quilting instead of her. It can be a fun hobby which is also a great way to give back to. 

Go one step further and make quilts for kids in need. 

3) Tennis

ISFP hobbies

Tennis is a great sport for any introvert. In fact, one of the best tennis players of all time, Roger Federer, is often typed as an ISFP.

Since individual sports tend to be preferred among ISFPs, tennis is a great way to work on skills. Doubles is a good mix when you feel the need for a little bit of teamwork with a good buddy. 

4) Scrapbooking 

ISFPs love to tackle new sights, sounds, and adventures. What better way to memorialize those events than by spending your downtime scrapbooking? 

Check out this guide on how to scrapbook like a boss.

5) Thrifting

Thrifting is an art form. As a purveyor of all things artistic and exciting, thrifting is a great hobby that won’t break the bank. Make it a game to find the highest quality deals from thrift stores near you. 

Take it a step further and turn it into a lifestyle. Don’t spend money on new items when a used will do. 

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite ISFP careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!