Title: Newsletter Ninja: How to Become an Author Mailing List Expert by Tammi Labrecque

Genre: Non-Fiction Authorship and Publishing

Version: Kindle Book

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (105 reviews as of this posting)

Let’s dive into the good the bad and the great!

The Good

The book was enjoyable to read and I liked the authors writing style. Her commentary was memorable and often enjoyable to read. You got the sense from the very first page that managing email lists is her passion, and that she has been in the game awhile. The book accomplishes exactly what it was supposed to do. 

The Bad

The author is a fiction author, of which I am not. Most of her examples are in the fiction realm as well. She does write with such an evergreen and balanced approach, that I’ve already been able to apply her tactics to my own list. So, not too much bad to report here!

The Great

I’ve been struggling with how to manage my list for years. I’ve gone back and forth with different strategies, but have never been able to settle on anything. Thus leading to a bunch of people on my list that probably don’t know what they are there for. Whoops. 

The book is filled with tips and excellent strategies I will be implementing right away, but Tammi also confirmed what I knew to my core, but wasn’t doing. Focus on relationships, and building a connection with your readers. ??

It shouldn’t have been a light bulb moment, but it was. I had been focusing my list solely on the attempt to sell more books. Instead, I’ll be better off shooting for engagement and creating a list that’s more of a two way street. Like I said, not truly life altering, but it’s what I needed to hear.

I’m so excited for the changes I am putting in place. Mostly because my list won’t be receiving random notes and emails like “hey my book is out go buy it!”

The more I learn the more I realize I need to grow and continue to change, and this book helped me to see one more way to do just that. 

Pick up the book on Amazon here and learn how to manage your email list. 

Enjoy and best of luck in all of your entrepreneurial endeavors. 


My Rating Out of 100