Are you tired and overwhelmed? Are you ready to learn strategies for overcoming decision fatigue? Turns out there’s something we can do about it. Go here to get a guide to crush the next 90 days and then stick around to find out how.

Decision fatigue is what happens when we have to make too many small decisions throughout our day, thus leaving no room for more important work.

It’s a mindset shift of “I might run tomorrow if I feel like it” to “Tomorrow I am going to go for a run.”

Overcoming Decision Fatigue

Overcoming decision fatigue starts by using one or all of these simple tricks to get started. You’ll find that each strategy helps to cut down on the amount of daily decisions you have to make:

✅ Choose your clothes the night before. Make it easy on yourself by not having to think when you first get up in the morning. Go beyond and plan your breakfast, lunch, exercise activity, etc.
✅ Plan your meals for the week. Plan dinner for the week so you can bulk shop and not have to decide what you feel like eating every day. Hint: change it up if you want, but get in the habit of taking away this daily decision.
✅ Eat the frog every day (get the most important thing done): Every morning, do your most important task first. Move the needle forward on your primary goal.
✅ Make weekly goals every Sunday:​
✅ Try out a tool like the Pomodoro technique:​

You don’t need to turn into a robot or a minimalist to find success, but give your tired brain a rest from making those decisions you really don’t even want to make anyways! Free up your day for more important activities and projects.

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