As most of you know, I am a huge fan of the author and Pastor Mark Batterson. He has a good many books based on Christian teachings, prayer, discipleship, and living a meaningful life.

He often writes about how we should be striving to do things with our lives instead of striving just to “not sin.” His book, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day is my favorite book of all time because he talks about the importance of being lion chasers. To go after big dreams and make a meaningful impact with our lives.

It was his book that guided me on the path to actively trying to figure out what my passion is and what I want to be doing with me life.

Play the Man kept the train rolling for me and I devoured it very quickly. He spends a good deal of time talking about the key factors men of God need to cultivate within themselves and their families. While this book is definitely geared toward Men, women could read it to gain understanding and guidance as well. Not only men are called to be lion chasers after all.

He is encouraging throughout, but proposes that we all need to be less offensible and have thicker skins in order to be the men that God wants us to be. When people look back at their life they regret most often not what they did, but they wish they had done.

His thoughts echo mine when it comes to life direction, and I appreciate his words. He uses scriptural wisdom to move us forward instead of holding ourselves back. While Batterson is an avid reader, his focus is on doing, and not merely standing on the sidelines waiting for others to make a difference.

This book reads like a playbook for those that wish to live a more manly and also more Godly life.

I loved it, and I expect you will too. You can find it on Amazon right here and can read more about it and read other reviews. Warning though, read just one of Mark’s books and you will want to read them all! haha! 🙂