Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took roughly thousands of days to complete. In fact, it took 365,000 daily wins mixed with guaranteed setbacks and road blocks to get the job done.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Riches, fame, success, and billion dollar skyscrapers were not completed in one day’s time. They were the result of daily wins and constant overcoming of setbacks and failure.

If you want to learn the secret to maximizing daily wins and building massive momentum, keep reading. This post will be filled with encouragement (something seriously lacking in most online spaces), practical advice, and hopefully just the push you need to see success in your own life. 

Good deal?


Keep in mind there’s no such thing as an overnight failure. Failure is the result of giving up over a period of time. Failure only really exists if you let it overtake you. 

The roman empire began it’s fall as early as 200 AD and fell just under 300 years later. The fall came much faster than it’s creation, but it did not fall overnight. 

Except for the most extreme cases, no one succeeds or fails overnight. One day’s good or bad decisions don’t make a whole lot of difference in the end. Bad decisions are much easier to make, but making one doesn’t signal the end of the world. 

Compare the effect of 7 bad decisions vs. the power of 7 daily wins; the disparity grows, but only slightly. 

What about 100 bad decisions vs. 100 good decisions? Now you are either doing very well, or extremely poorly… 

If you play the guitar every day for 100 days, you will improve If you love playing the guitar but keep it tucked away in its case, you won’t get better. 

Massively simple in theory, difficult to live out. 

The best way to avoid failure in the long-term is to prioritize daily wins to build positive momentum. 

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But You Can Build Momentum With Daily Wins

I’m big on the power of momentum for change. I wrote a whole book on the subject. At its base level momentum is created when you:

  • Develop positive habits to put daily wins on autopilot. 
  • Remove bad habits and daily failures. 
  • Create so much momentum you are unable to stop. 
  • Fuel your momentum with the power of purpose.

We will cover each of these items in detail below.

The cool thing about momentum is that it builds up over time. It is momentum after all, and it’s on your side!

When I first started to lose weight and eat healthier, it was almost impossible not to want a soda with every meal. 

Now, I only have a soda once in awhile. It has no hold over me. I’ve beaten that negative habit and drinking a soda doesn’t stymie my momentum. 

If you are hoping to find a job you love, lose weight, get rid of a bad habit, find love, or get rich, you need the power of daily wins. 

Daily wins —> Removal of bad choices —> Momentum —> Big wins —>  More momentum —> Clarity of purpose —> “Overnight” success

This process builds like the power of the locomotive. ? It’s how big projects like building Rome come together. It’s how books are written. It’s how big minds tackle real world problems and come up with great solutions. 

Daily wins are the key to changing your world. Start there. 

Develop Positive Habits to Put Daily Wins on Autopilot 

Rome wasn't built in a day... or was it?

Positive habits are powerful forms of personal growth. They single handedly provide the fuel necessary to consistently achieve daily wins. 

Positive habits are daily wins. It doesn’t matter how small the win is. Momentum is created when you achieve each win. 

Building positive habits is hard. Yet, it’s super easy. The smaller the habit the easier the win. Build your own personal Rome by:

  • Getting organized
  • Setting priorities
  • Getting clear on your goals and desired habits
  • Taking action  on your goals and taking the next right step

The more positive habits you can get in your life, the less room for negative habits. We will talk more in a bit about removing bad habits, but do you want to know the most powerful way to avoid starting a negative habit?

Focus on the positive elements of life and spend your time here. If you focus on the good, the bad doesn’t have access to get to you. 

Negative habits don’t get the traction they need to take hold if positive habits reign in your life. Build as many positive habits as you can and elevate yourself to superhero status. 

Most people have lingering bad habits. Let’s get rid of those and make way for some crazy success. 

Remove Bad Habits and Avoid Daily Failures. 

Stop bad habits

Don’t have a bad habit? Skip this section and keep on scrolling. If you want to know how to start to tackle your bad habit, eyes to the page. ? Most of us can probably list a bad habit or two. Consider how much time is wasted, and how much time we could gain back by nixing the habit!

Mind-numbing television is my personal kryptonite. I get stuck binge watching shows and getting sucked in for far too long. My brain feels fuzzy for hours afterwards, and I’m not even sure what I’m thinking about. 

Have your thoughts ever been so clouded and confusing you can’t think straight? Not talking about an alcohol buzz or that early morning sleep happy feeling. I’m talking about focusing too hard for too long and feeling stress throughout your entire body. 

It’s a bad habit I need to crack for good, but it’s hard right?

Each time we take part in a “bad habit” we fail. For some of us, that means we fail daily. That’s okay, but only for now. 

Picture your bad habit. What are the motivations for continuing to pursue and let the habit get an even stronger grip on your life?

Strategies for bad habit removal run the gambit of complexity. Each habit needs its own customized approach for each individual. 

The starting point is within. Come to the right mindset to be ready to remove the habit from your life. Recognize how much time you would gain for other good activities and work towards removing bad habits for good. 

And as a final note: Don’t beat yourself up when you fail. Because you will. That’s okay.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither did it fall. There is no such thing as an overnight failure. Keep working to create positive habits, remove bad ones, and then move on to create lasting momentum. 

Create Unending Positive Momentum

This is when things get good. This is how Rome was actually built, on the backs of daily wins, overcoming failures, and pressing on. Personal growth and success rests on the shoulders of momentum. ?

If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward. You cannot find lasting success without hitting roadblocks along the way. 

The key to overcoming those roadblocks? Pressing forward in spite of them. 

Here are my best suggestions for maintaining momentum and keeping your goal getting progress moving forward:

  • Relish the small daily wins. Stack these small wins with other small wins to see momentum increase. 
  • Set small goals, big goals, and life changing Destiny Goals
  • Track and reward progress.
  • Stay healthy and treat your body right. Be in it for the long haul. 
  • Avoid wasting time by being insanely intentional. Choose what to do with your time. 
  • Fail forward and take risks. 
  • Learn from mistakes, pivot, and utilize feedback to grow. 
  • Keep taking steps to determine your purpose. Continue reading for more on the power of living out your purpose. 

Fueling Your Momentum with the Power of Purpose

Purpose is part of the long game in life. It may not become immediately clear. Searching for ways to get more daily wins under your belt is guaranteed to lead you one step closer to figuring out why you are here and what you are doing with your life

Authors and creators like James Clear crush the habit game. They will tell you the secret to success in your career, relationships, health, and life as a whole depends on your habits. 

“Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour” -James Clear

Habits are important. But purpose trumps habits every day. Habits without direction will lead you toward success, but you’ll arrive unfulfilled and unhappy. Why do you think most of the famous and rich fail to find happiness? It’s because they don’t have a clearly defined purpose. 

I don’t disagree that you can create major change in yourself by focusing on daily habits, but for most people the process needs to be internalized and rooted in the subconscious. Purpose needs to drive habit formation. 

Think about these questions:

  • Why do you have daily habits?
  • Why are you shooting for daily wins?
  • What is the purpose behind your goals?
  • Why are you trying to build your “Rome?” 

Build your foundation of purpose to move forward in life one day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can and will crush today and move one step closer.