In this video I’ll share the results and review of the “Animal in You” Spirit Animal Personality Test. After you watch, don’t miss out on the change to join The School of You for more insights into YOU here:

Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

What I liked:

✔️ Super fast to take
✔️ It got right to the point instead of beating around the bush for 10+ questions like a lot of tests do.

What I didn’t like:

✔️ Only 10 questions. While it was fast to take, I question the potential validity of such a short test
✔️ Questions like “How intelligent are you?” are quite difficult to answer. Can we trust these results?

Insights gained:

? I always first ask, do the results tie in with what I already know about myself? I’d say so. I can picture myself as a Sable no problem.
? I’m a sable. I’ve never heard of that animal, but it looks pretty cool. I’m okay with it 🙂

Link to test:

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