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5 Ways to grow your strategic thinking muscle:

✅ Spend time playing a strategic board game with friends, or a game on your phone. Not all video games are a waste of time. Flex your brain, just don’t become addicted.
✅ Have regular goal planning sessions. You can do this daily or weekly, but review your progress to make sure you’re moving forward in the best way. Making time for this sometimes means doing less, delegating more, and otherwise ruthlessly prioritizing your time.
✅ Make decisions more quickly. Don’t spend as much time deliberating. If you’re growing into your strategic strength, you’ll find more and more that your gut is right. Go with it.
✅ See something, say something. This applies to more than just airport security. If you see a better solution to a problem speak up and/or do something about it. Practice putting your strategic thinking to good use.
✅ Practice meditating in order to clear your mind. Sometimes it’s hard to be strategic with all the noise. Take a few minutes each day to let your mind rest and power up.

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