In this video I briefly share the power of Nunchi for learning how to quickly read the room and get better in social situations. We need other people to achieve our goals, so take some time to cultivate and utilize this social skill.

Grab the book where I first learned of this intriguing Korean tool aptly titled The Power of Nunchi: (Amazon aff. link).


Using The Power of Nunchi

Using your new power of Nunchi takes practice, but you can start today with a five second exercise. Next time you enter a room, pay attention to what someone else is showing you. Don’t stare, but do your best to put yourself completely in the person’s shoes:

☑️ What are they thinking?
☑️ What do their facial expressions tell you?
☑️ What do they need?

So often we enter a room thinking only about how we feel or about what we are going to do. This is especially true for introverts just like me. Channeling our Nunchi means reading the room in real and tangible ways. Once we practice this and get better at utilizing it we’ll find our ability to stay grounded and related in social situations will improve.

Ultimately, it’s not about us. Nunchi paves the way forward for giving back and becoming a person who puts others first.

Thanks for watching and reading and please comment with any questions!

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