It’s over. I did it. It wasn’t even that bad. My first toastmasters ice breaker speech is done!

Today I presented my first ever Icebreaker speech for Toastmasters International. If you aren’t familiar with the group, it’s for those who desire to gain skills in the art of public speaking and want to learn how to be more comfortable talking to big groups.

Since joining the group about a month ago I’ve already learned so much about stage presence as well as a plethora of tips and tricks to give you the edge when it comes to speaking in front of groups.

You can see my full speech below. It’s not perfect, and I’m sure it’s far from the best toastmasters icebreaker ever, but I am sharing it here all the same.

It’s important to do the things that scare you, so that you can grow. So what if public speaking is never something I thought I would enjoy (let alone be good at!)? Everyone starts somewhere. There is SO much to be gained from stepping outside of your comfort zone and going for it.

It’s my hope that sharing this less than perfect (Let’s be real, it’s far from perfect) moment in my life will give you the courage to say, “You know what? I can do this. I can take that next step and do the thing I’ve always wanted to do.”

Or, at the very least, have a good laugh at my expense. I don’t mind 😉

Then, send me your toastmasters ice breaker speech so I can laugh right back 😉