A first look at the Wingfinder test from Red Bull. This video is for personality junkies and anyone who’s interesting in becoming their best selves.

I take the Red Bull Wingfinder test for the first time, and share my thoughts on the test, my results, and what I learned.

The test has four sections:

1) Personality test type questions, but with pictures.
2) An odd picture sorting game.
3) A logic sequencing game.
4) Questions about most likely response for situations that might occur on a skiing trip.

What I liked:  –Format and structure. Overall site and test look clean and professional.
–All answers have pictures associated. This made it more fun to take.
–With the smattering of online tests I’ve taken I’m sometimes able to guess what the test is searching for which can mess with the results.
–This test had unique questions and answers and I liked the different kind of approach.

What I didn’t like:  –Had to register first. Not a big deal but annoying.
–Slow loading times between answers, especially section four.
While the pictures were fun, I often wasn’t sure how they related to the question at hand.
–Took a long time to complete with four different sections. 45+ minutes to complete.

Insights gained:

1) I always first ask, do the results tie in with what I already know about myself?
2) It’s fun to try something new, as it shows where you’re lacking
3) New verbiage to understand myself.

You can take the test here: https://www.wingfinder.com/

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